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The Dene is YOUR garden. It needs your support. Please join us!

Anyone anywhere may join the Friends of Jesmond Dene and/or volunteer to help to keep the Dene as beautiful as possible.

You could help by doing any or all of the following activities:

Join the Friends

Friends receive twice-yearly newsletters covering matters of local interest and giving full details of the talks and other activities arranged for members. Friends can help to support events and/or the Friends’ Committee. Volunteering like this is vital to keeping our Committee fresh and the events viable and safe. You can suggest ideas for the Committee to discuss at our next meeting by emailing us at These contributions are key to helping us make the most of external experts’ time and skills at events. 

Join the Volunteer Rangers

Volunteer rangers get stuck into the practical things that are needed to keep the Dene in as good condition as possible. They work under the supervision of Council/Parks  Trust rangers. You could organise a group of colleagues or mates to run a special day’s volunteering, or simply join our existing group of friendly volunteers when it suits you.

More About Joining the Friends

Friends receive twice-yearly newsletters covering matters of local interest and giving full details of the talks and other activities arranged for members. For those now living away from Tyneside we try to keep them in touch with efforts to preserve the Dene in good shape until they can come back in person to visit it once again.

Membership fees are kept low and help to support our work in preserving the Dene’s integrity. They are currently £5 per year, per household, paid through annual standing order.

To join the Friends, fill in the form below or email us at and we will respond to you with the next steps.

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Please rest assured that we will never sell your data and we will keep your data safe and secure.  Should you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at You can change the options for email notifications at any time by emailing us at

Thank you for your support! 

More about Volunteer Rangers and Adopt-a-Plot

Got some spare time? Want to learn new skills, meet new friends and help to keep your local environment (as well as yourself!) in good shape? Volunteer Rangers are groups of local people engaging with and improving their local green spaces under the care and guidance of Rangers and Park Officers. 

Volunteers meet regularly at various parks and countryside sites around the city and new members are always welcome. You don’t need previous experience to join in. The work undertaken is varied but will usually include physical tasks such as building a boardwalk, mending fences, hand weeding, tree planting, litter picking, dealing with graffiti, clearing paths, fencing, coppicing, creating wildlife habitats, gardening and wildlife surveying. Volunteer Rangers also run the plant stall at Jesmond Food Market on Armstrong Bridge which is held every month. Plants are provided by volunteers to be sold, providing money for the Volunteer funds.

You can: 

  • Join our existing Volunteer Rangers and generally work across Jesmond Dene and other local parks whenever the Volunteer Rangers’ projects suit you
  • ‘Adopt a plot’ in Jesmond Dene, where you look after one specific area of the Dene on your own whenever you have time 
  • Volunteer with a group of others/ your work colleagues for a day/ weekend 

Please contact the Rangers at parks& or phone 0191 2787878 and ask for ‘Parks’ for more information.

Pic above is a nuthatch, taken by “MPF” and used under a creative commons CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.

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Thank you for your support.